Remote sensing techniques have the potential to provide qualitative, quantitative and timely information on agricultural crops over large areas. In agricultural planning and policy making, knowledge of crop yield at an early stage is very important at both national and regional level. Moreover, to estimate and predict crop yield it is necessary to monitor the growth of the crop during the growing season.

Many research works have been carried out in these last years to investigate the contribution of remote sensing data in yield prediction and crop monitoring. In particular the possibilities of integrating information derived from radiometric measurements into agrometeorological models show promising results.

The project "integration of VEGETATION and HRVIR data into yield estimation approach" is a example of how the use of VEGETATION data can improve and secure yield crop predictions.

Now, through the availability of VEGETATION data and their related characteristics, the possibility of operating these models not only at parcel scale but also at local or regional scales is to be envisaged , as well as the use of such data for operational approaches of crop yield predictions (example of MARS-STAT project in Europe).