The overall objectives of the "VEGETATION" system are to provide accurate measurements of basic characteristics of vegetation canopies on an operational basis, either for scientific studies involving both regional and global scales experiments over long time periods (for example development of models of the biosphere dynamics interacting with climate models), or for systems designed to monitor important vegetation resources, like crops, pastures and forests.

The "VEGETATION" system, consisting of a satellite-borne sensor and of its associated ground segment, will provide long term basic measurements adapted to biosphere studies. Opportunities for scale integration are provided by the combination with the main SPOT instruments (HRVIR) which allow high spatial resolution for detailed modelling activities or multilevel sampling procedures. Availability of data to different types of users is facilitated through the centralisation of reception and archiving global data sets.

This part of the user manual dedicated to applications is not intended to tell you everything about one application, but to show you how some VEGETATION data will be used by various operational projects.

These studies available through the VEGETATION preparatory Programme, show results that can be obtained through processing and interpretation of the standard VEGETATION products. For your applications, VEGETATION offers significant improvements upon the current situation related to the use of other low spatial resolution data.

This section provides a review of applications according four main fields of interest :