2-51 P product description

P products are based on viewing segments. Content of P products :

Id Plane Id Comm. Pixel sampling Pixel coding (bits)
LOG Logical volume file - - -
RIG Copyright file - - -
PHY Physical volume file - - -
B0 B0 (Refl. TOA) (*) 1x1 16
B2 B2 (Refl. TOA) (*) 1x1 16
B3 B3 (Refl. TOA) (*) 1x1 16
MIR MIR (Refl. TOA) (*) 1x1 16
SM Status Map optional 1x1 8
VZA Viewing Zenith Angle Grid optional 8x8 8
SZA Solar Zenith Angle Grid optional 8x8 8
VAA Viewing Azimuth Angle Grid optional 8x8 8
SAA Solar Azimuth Angle Grid optional 8x8 8
WVG Water Vapor grid optional 100x100 8
OG Ozone Grid optional 100x100 8
AG Troposheric Aerosol grid optional 100x100 8
BO 1B HRVIR latitude plane optional 1x1 32
BL 1B HRVIR logitude plane optional 1x1 32
QL Quick Look - 8x8 8

(*) B0, B2, B3, MIR can be ordered separately.

The spatial coverage can be a whole viewing segment, or a part of a viewing segment in a user defined map projection.

A P product must include at least one plane between B0, B2, B3, MIR.

Atmospheric planes (i.e.; water vapor, ozone, Troposphericaerosol) will be delivered only if their respective distributors allow distribution with the Vegetation products.

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