Fig. 23-1 : Compulsory or optional planes of S product.

S products are most probably the data sets which will be frequently used operationally. They correspond to P data to which corrections have been applied using the annotations (atmospheric) and for which some synthesis are provided:

  • a daily synthesis (S1) using all available measurements on one day for a specific location,
  • a 10-day synthesis (S10), based on the selection of the "best" measurement on the entire period. The selection is based on the maximum NDVI value, as it is commonly accepted today, even if many problems associated to that selection are identified,
  • two degraded products (S10.4 and S10.8) resampled from S10 product.

To adapt to the evolution of users needs as well as to the validation of new algorithms, a procedure is used to regularly update the processing system. It provides capabilities to include new methods for data correction, synthesis ... as soon as they are commonly accepted by the user community.