2-21 Full resolution products: S1 & S10

The full resolution products are extracted from the "Global Archive", either for the daily or ten-day data set.

The daily synthesis (S1) is computed from the different passes of one day on each location, each pass corresponding for high latitudes to different viewing angles.

The ten-day synthesis (S10) is computed from all the passes on each location acquired during 10 day periods. The periods are defined according to the legal calendar: from 1st to 10th, from 11th to 20th, from 21st to the end of each month.

The quality of these products are derived directly from the quality of P products.

The synthesis between different passes is performed selecting the best measurement of the period defined from the following criteria:

  • it does not correspond to a blind or interpolated pixel,
  • it does not be flagged as cloudy in the status map,
  • it does correspond to the highest value of Top of Atmosphere NDVI.

For each pixel is computed:

  • the ground surface reflectance in the four spectral bands corresponding to the selected measurement, the atmospheric correction being performed using the annotations of the P corresponding data and SMAC procedure,
  • Normalized Difference Vegetation Index,
  • geometric viewing conditions,
  • reference to date and time of selected measurement,
  • information on the composite status map.

For each data set, the references of all corrections applied for calibration, atmospheric correction and geometric processing are produced.

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