Super typhoon Haiyan makes landfall
Super typhoon Haiyan
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Lake Maggiore - Italy, 3-6 April 2000


Jiaguo Qi,
Michigan State University
Gerard Dedieu, Yann Kerr, CESBIO, Toulouse, France,
Ghani Chehbouni, IMADES/ORSTOM, Mexico

Paper (pdf file, 788 k)

Initial effort of this investigation was to characterize biophysical properties in the arid and semiarid southwest United States with VEGETATION data. Soon after the imagery became available, its applications expanded to include areas of Great Lakes and tropical Amazon regions where deforestation is drawing attention worldwide. Although continued effort is in process, some results from these VEGETATION images have been achieved and showed a great potential of the VEGETATION imagery in characterizing terrestrial surfaces. This report contains past and ongoing field activities and some results from VEGETATION imagery analysis. In particular, we will report in the following three areas: 1) practical techniques for correcting bidirectional effect found in the VEGETATION imagery with a focus on field activities and modeling effort, 2) feasible and practical alternatives to circumvent atmospheric effects, and 3) operational use of the data to retrieve biophysical variables such as fractional green and senescent vegetation cover and green leaf area index at variable spatial scales. Research effort is continuing and some peer-reviewed articles have been or are being published.