Super typhoon Haiyan makes landfall
Super typhoon Haiyan
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Lake Maggiore - Italy, 3-6 April 2000

Modeling directional reflectance in rugged terrain using VEGETATION products

Lihong Su, Xiaowen Li, Jindi Wang
The center of remote sensing and GIS, Beijing Normal University
Beijing, 100875, China.
Center of remote sensing, Boston University
Boston, MA, 02215, USA

Paper (pdf file, 2.3 M)

Part of the Three-Gorge reservoir area is chose as research region. The area is plenty of mountains. We use Ambrals algorithm to inverse BRDF from VGT P product( reflectance). Thus spectral albedo, and BRDF-corrected NDVI be obtained. We will compare the results with VGT S product (NDVI) on same area. At VGT 1km resolution, VGT P product and its BRDF/Albedo results will also be used to evaluate with-in pixel spatial heterogeneity of remote sensed surface. Thus we can get some idea on their topographic roughness. We will validate the parameter with landuse and topography map of the area. With these results, we can make topographic corrected NDVI, and compared with VGT S product.