Super typhoon Haiyan makes landfall
Super typhoon Haiyan
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VGT price and distribution policy

The purpose of the VEGETATION series of satellites is to provide daily global coverage of the Earth’s surface with a resolution down to 1km. VEGETATION 1 has been in orbit since 1998 and VEGETATION 2 became operational in 2002. A new pricing policy for standard VEGETATION products has been in effect since October 2001.

Products The following standard VEGETATION products are available to customers:

• P or Primary products: zone extracted from a single orbit, geometrically, and radiometrically corrected.
• S or Synthesis products:

- S1 or daily synthesis: synthesis of all data acquired over a 24 hour period.
- S10 or 10-day synthesis: a result of the merging of data strips from 10 consecutive days.
- D10: 10-day synthesis based upon a bi-directional reflectance distribution function.
- S-NDVI products: contain only the NDVI index. S-total products consist of the NDVI index, all spectral bands, and acquisition parameters.

Pricing Policy: Standard 10-day synthesis products older than three months are now available free of charge to all customers. They can be downloaded at the free Spot Vegetation site.

Other types of data are available depending on the user category:

1. Scientific users and programme partners:

Can obtain all S and P products upon payment of the cost of medium, packaging, and shipping. All requests however are subject to approval by the VEGETATION Programme and orders are processed according to availability of production capacity. P products older than 3 months are available on SDLT and DVD only. Other products can be downloaded via FTP.

2. All other users:

Receive priority handling for their orders. Prices depend upon the type of customer and the amount of data. All products are custom-made. A free choice of Region of Interest(ROI) and a selection of projections are available. Indicative prices* are given below:

Coverage P and S-NDVI S1-Total and S10-NDVI S10-Total
< 1 million km2 €120 €160 €260
1-4 million km² €135 €200 €300
Additional million km² €35 €35 €35

*Contact for an exact quote regarding the cost of a particular product.

Free 10-day synthesis products: Download data from the SPOT Vegetation site at
Fee-based S and P products: Order data through

How to access VEGETATION products for scientific users.
The VEGETATION Programme offers preferential conditions to bona fide public scientific research projects, including:

• Research proposals which aim at methodological advances in data analysis with a direct relevance for the VEGETATION Programme, such as improvement of the system, products, or services • Research proposals which aim at investigating a thematic subject/topic through an intensive but not exclusive use of VEGETATION products.

Conditions to qualify as scientific research, projects must meet the following requirements:

• The request should be well-documented with regard to objectives, principal investigator, co-investigators, work plan, schedule, expected results and deliverables, VEGETATION products, and other data requests. • The requested volume of VEGETATION products should be justified. • The proposals must be accepted and endorsed by a regional or national scientific committee of one of the partners of the VEGETATION Programme, by an appropriate scientific committee of the European Commission, or by an equivalent body to ensure scientific quality and guarantee that funds necessary to carry out the projects will be available. • Delivered VEGETATION products may be used only within the framework of the accepted proposal. • The results of the projects should be made available to the VEGETATION Programme. The use of research results based on VEGETATION products should properly acknowledge the VEGETATION Programme. • The operational exploitation of the processing techniques developed in the framework of the project will be under the authority of the VEGETATION Programme partners.

The details of these conditions are elaborated in the data request form (see below) that must be signed by the applicants.

Procedure for products request
Products can be requested by submitting a form to the VEGETATION Programme c/o the VEGETATION Programme Scientist (Philippe Maisongrande - email: or fax +33 (0)5 61 25 32 05). A decision will be made based on the criteria mentioned above. If necessary, projects will be reviewed by two independent reviewers. The applicant will be notified of the decision within two months of the receipt of their request. If the decision is positive, the principal investigator of the project can then obtain the requested data from Vito, the organization in charge of the distribution to scientific users.

How to access VEGETATION products for VEGETATION Programme partners’ projects
The VEGETATION Programme offers preferential conditions for operational application projects carried out or sponsored by the partners of the VEGETATION Programme. These specific conditions are open to all application projects, providing they originate from the European Commission and/or from non-profit organizations related to the government of one or more of the national VEGETATION Programme partners. Projects can be either directly led by these entities or contracted by them to industry. In case the project is presented by an industrial company, endorsement by the European Commission or a non-profit organization related to the government of one or more of the national partners should be explicitly given. The above mentioned conditions and procedure for products request for scientific users also apply here. The procedures outlined above are subject to change without notice.

Additional information
Please contact Customer Service for further information regarding your order:
- (for free standard products, scientific users, and VEGETATION Programme partners)
- (for other customers)