Super typhoon Haiyan makes landfall
Super typhoon Haiyan
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- CROP-VGT is a Win32 program that extracts in a totally automatic way a user-defined Region of Interest from a whole set of zipped files downloaded from the free VGT site. The program unzips the bands requested from all input files, interprets the HDF header and extracts the Region of Interest, optionally masks the clouds in the NDVI band using info drawn from the Status Map.
Many thanks to Silvio Griguolo for his effort and making this software available for all VGT users.
- EDUSPOT, an educative tool on SPOT imaging provided by the Belgian EODesk
- Metop-AVHRR ten-daily synthesis products

-ENVISAT-Meris ten-daily synthesis products

- Probing VEGETATION Conference: From Past to Future, 4 - 5 July 2013 • Antwerp
SPOT-VEGETATION turns 15 in May 2013!
After a long and successful career as Europe's first truly operational system for global monitoring of vegetation, the mission is now nearing the end of its life cycle.
But the story continues! The role of SPOT-VEGETATION will be taken over by ESA's technologically advanced PROBA-V mission from the summer of 2013 onwards.
To celebrate with us the operational and scientific achievements of SPOT-VEGETATION and to look forward to the intriguing perspectives that will offered to the user's community by PROBA-V,
BELSPO and VITO are delighted to invite you to the conference "PROBING VEGETATION"