Super typhoon Haiyan makes landfall
Super typhoon Haiyan
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The VEGETATION programme is the fruit of a space collaboration between various European partners: Belgium, France, Italy, Sweden and the European Commission. In 1998, it was grafted onto the SPOT programme, founded by Belgium, France and Sweden in 1978.

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It consists of two observation instruments in orbit, VEGETATION 1 and VEGETATION 2, as well as ground infrastructures. The first of the two instruments in orbit is aboard the SPOT 4 satellite, launched on 24 March 1998. The second is aboard SPOT 5, which was placed into orbit on 4 May 2002.

The image archiving centre

vegetation instrument


Since 1998, data are archived and available to the vegetation users (see data policy).

vegetation catalogue


This site gives you free access to the vegetation image catalogue and allows you to download sample images of the vegetation instrument. If you are a SPOT registered user, you are able to order online any of the standard vegetation products. You will find here answers to questions on the products and the operational aspects of the vegetation programme.

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The site is served by VITO Belgium, with the assistance of the Belgian Science Policy Office.

our distribution policy


VITO, your SPOT-VEGETATION partner, is since 1st January 2007 the exclusive worldwide distributor of the SPOT-VEGETATION products. Please, see the data policy item to know how you can get the SPOT-VEGETATION data.

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